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Easybox benefits

  • Care for the environment, easybox is a green service;
  • Deliveries 24/7 in the immediate proximity, whenever you want, simple and fast, without standing in line;
  • Increase the commercial potential of the area by attracting new customers;
  • Extra income or monthly rent, because it’s always great to get some extra money

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Complete courier services

Sameday provides a fast and secure service, with delivery to the recipient depending on the urgency of the orders. An efficient designed process, to be sure that your orders are placed on time and delivered as expected.rder on time and have it delivered according to your expectations. We have modern solutions for 100% coverage of your needs, regardless of the field of activity, business size, volume of deliveries or volume of packages.


The Next Day services

Express courier with next day delivery

Deliver Next Day anywhere in Romania and we guarantee fast delivery of your order. You have maximum pick-up hours for each location, so that you can schedule as easily as possible when the order arrives.

About Next Day Services


The Same Day services

Fast courier with same day delivery

Deliver Same day if you are in Bucharest and the surrounding areas and you need fast courier with same day delivery, at advantageous rates. We guarantee the delivery of orders in 6 time intervals, starting with 9:00 and until 21:00.

About Same Day Services

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  • The 22 years of tradition in Romania have shown us that attention to customers and quality are the pillars of our longevity in the retail market. In order to live up to our customers' standards, we need reliable partners who are open to our requests, and Sameday has fully met our expectations. We are satisfied with the openness with which it adapts on the fly to help us be closer to our customers, the very good coverage we enjoy and the intuitive customer platform. And when we have difficulties, the team is there to help us, which is great!

    Otter, Cristina Matei – Chief Operating Officer

  • To strengthen the Nissa brand, we constantly listen to our customers, we pay attention to their needs and trends. It was a pleasure to find in Sameday the partner who shares this vision and puts it into practice. Sameday's ability to adapt to our needs from an operational perspective, its dedicated team of professionals and its easy-to-manage client application demonstrate that we have found the partner with whom to deliver style to our clients across the country.

    Nissa, Maria Panciu – Marketing Manager

  • For me, the trust I have in the people I work with is the cornerstone of building long-term stable relationships. Building on that trust, we laid the groundwork for the Sameday partnership. We went through stages that challenged us and together, we found solutions to build on. In the long run, I believe that their investment in innovation and technology will improve the customer experience in the ecommerce area and will change for the better the perception of courier services in Romania.

    CareSpot, Silvia Amariței – CEO

  • The collaboration with the Sameday team was a pleasant surprise for us, the specificity of our products sold online requiring a fast delivery. Flexibility, adaptation to customer requirements and continuous development make this company a viable option for quality courier in Romania.

    Bit Online, Bogdan Văcărelu – Sales Director



We have built a quality service and a national network that allows us to offer it to as many customers as possible. We are constantly growing and looking for collaborations anywhere in the country. Whether you have a courier company or a car suitable for transportation, you can join the Sameday courier network. Find out how:

Sameday Partnership


About us

For us, the expression “today for tomorrow” is not a reason for stress, but a principle that guides us in every action we take.

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